John A. Bunge

"During my 30 year career as an independent marketing research survey expert, I worked on hundreds of cases and almost exclusively with a wide range of law firms and others where the research issue surveyed primarily involved intellectual property matters.  Attorney Sokol’s farm silo unloader case stands out as particularly interesting and illustrative of a good working relationship.  At the time the matter was on a short time frame - one year.  Although short, we worked together through trial.  The survey research effort involved a pilot test of two surveys (secondary meaning and likelihood of confusion) to determine efficacy and propriety of the research design, survey instruments and the merit, or lack of, for Attorney Sokol's client.  The following main survey provided significant numbers in both surveys.  Attorney Sokol used full survey reports on secondary meaning and likelihood of confusion in combination with testimony, charts and photos to identify the many different features in various alternate silo unloader designs.  The case culminated in a successful jury verdict in favor of his client on trade dress infringement."

John A. Bunge
Legal Marketing Research, Inc.
Soldotna, AK and Donna, TX

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